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Cacao Ceremony

About the Ceremony

This ceremony reconnects us with Spirit and our ancestors, and has the potential to open the door to collective consciousness. In the ceremony we're working with the power of intention and healing sound. Sacred songs from different traditions all over the globe are being sung. According to the specific energy of the group there can also be guided meditation, visualisation or dance. Cacao opens us up to the power of Love and connection to our inner Self and to each other. The opening of the heart takes a central place in this ceremony. The spirit of the cacao plant is our guide. By drinking it we surrender to its power.

About Cacao

Since ages cacao has been considered a sacred healing plant. The Mayas and Aztecs in central-America used to work with the plant in ceremonies to connect with the Divine. Little is known about these ceremonies these days, since the ceremonial use of cacao got lost for several centuries. Recently western people reintroduced the ceremonial use of cacao in the world. The rituals are taking different – interspiritual – forms, and are increasingly popular in a world with a great need for more love, compassion, forgiveness and connection.

Whatever shape it takes, the central work of the plant is to open up the heart. Through the heart we can connect with our Self, each other and Spirit. Cacao resonates with both the hearth chakra as well as the sacral chakra. So it balances our relationships and opens us up for connection with each other.

Upcoming Ceremonies

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