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Individual Sound Healing


Your own choice for change is the most important key for healing. Sometimes though we're getting stuck and than it's helpful to dive in the healing process together. The goal is always to reactivate your selfhealing power. Before the session we'll look together at your specific wish or need at the moment and from there the sound healing will start.

Depending on your personal needs different instruments will be played intuitively in different manners. Singing bowls, gong, shaman drum, flutes or others will be played to restore your natural balance. Each instrument and the way it is played has a specific effect. Also the power of the voice and spirit songs will be applied.

Soundhealing can be a delicious relaxation, but it could also awaken deeper effects. Sound functions here as a holistic medicine, wwhich means that it works not just on the body, but also on emotions, mind and spirit. It has benefits for the following symptoms:

- Weak immune system

- Skin problems

- Migraine

- Recovery of illness or operation

- Irregular breathing

- Stress

- Fear

- Burn-out

- Depression

- Emotional instability

- Restlessness

- Panic attacks

- Sleep disorder

- ...

A sound healing session can also open the way for selfknowledge or a spiritual experience, for example:

- Insight in trauma

- Tracing deep rooted mental patterns

- Awakening memory of past life

- Discovery of spiritual dimensions

- Contact with ancestors

- Energetic cleansing and purification

- Inner knowing

- Experiencing bliss, peace, love and happiness

- Awakening inner silence

- ...

Individual Sound Healing

At Akasha Retreat Center

  • Duration: 1h15 in total

  • Address: Meerstraat 2, 3870 Heks (Heers)

  • Price: €75

  • If you like to make an appointment, fill in the form on the left side or call at 0475/510677

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