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Mantra Workshop

The path of mantra connects us with the universal vibration that lies underneath all forms, and thus shows us in a deep and practical way the sound code of the universe. This allows us to discern between the vibrations that darken and bring our consciousness down from those that raise it and make it brighter. In this way, mantra yoga constitutes an extraordinary technology both for therapy and for meditation (the ultimate form of therapy) through which we can grow in self-responsibility and empower ourselves to effectively transform our lives, opening our heart to love and devotion, to healing, to the expansion of awareness, and to the maintenance of our energy positively oriented.


In this workshop we will study and practice the essential aspects for introducing the appropriate understanding and application of the primordial or “seed” (bija) sounds in mantra yoga.  



  • Introduction to the Philosophy of Sound and Word in the Vedic traditions and their specific role in Yoga and Ayurveda

  • Bija-mantra: the seed mantras. What are they and how to use them?

  • The vibrational structure of the Universe: the 50 primordial bija-mantras in the Sanskrit Alphabet.

  • The healing: Introduction to the therapeutical use of bija mantra in Ayurveda.

  • The expansion of consciousness: Introduction to bija mantra meditation in Yoga.

  • Mantra purusha (the “person of mantras”): an interface to harmonize, energize and connect with our vibrational body.

  • Shakti bija-mantras: the vibrational form of the divine archetypes.

  • The “anatomy” and “physiology” of mantras. Technical aspects (voice, pronunciation, melody) for a conscious and effective practice.  

Víctor G. Cruz was born in the Canary Islands (Spain). He studied a degree and a master in Philosophy at Universities Complutense (Madrid) and Vincennes-Saint Denis (Paris). Following the path of self-study, he is a committed practitioner and studious of the yogic tradition as a whole, as well as a musician focused on mantra yoga, the indian classical music tradition of dhrupad, the research around global shamanic sounds and the deep listening of nature. He devotes himself, since 2013, to sharing the teachings of integral yoga, focussing on nāda yoga (the yoga of sound) and the sapiential philosophies of yoga through courses, workshops, concerts, sound-healing sessions, one-to-one work and experiential retreats in nature under the frame of the projects anāhata nāda yoga and saṃtoṣa āyurveda (together with the therapist Ana Gabriela Terra).


Currently, he lives a nomadic life between India, Brasil and Spain with a thorough dedication to practice (sādhana), teaching and study: fully immersed in the investigation of dhrupad and mantra chanting (under the guidance of his masters, the Gundecha Brothers), deepening on yoga as a life-line through the path of the heart illumined by his guru Prem Baba, training on āyurveda and vedic philosophy from his teacher Swami Narayanananda (Dr Ruguê) and completing his initial base in Satyananda Yoga by exploring Iyengar and Krishnamacharya’s yogic tradition.


Bedankt voor de inschrijving! U krijgt zo spoedig mogelijk een bevestiging terug gestuurd.


  • Datum: Donderdag 31 mei 2018

  • Tijd: 10u tot 17u

  • Locatie : OM - Frans Raatsstraat 116, 2920 Kalmthout

  • Geschikt voor beginners EN gevorderden

  • Taal: Engels

  • Meebrengen: schrijfgerief, middagmaal

  • Water en thee is voorzien

  • Prijs: €65

  • Gelieve in te schrijven via het inschrijvingsformulier in het kader hiernaast

Klik hier voor meer info over het SHAMANIC MANTRA CONCERT van Victor en Surya op 7 juni in Erpe-Mere

Video on Victors vocal practise

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