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Overtone Singing

Harmonic singing, or overtone singing, is the technique where one creates two frequencies in the same time. This ancient way of singing is used traditionally in Mongolia, Siberia, Tibet and South-Africa. Recently it's been used in the west also, mainly for healing purposes. Harmonic singing is a beautiful tool to make music and in the same time a powerful tool to sing ourselves in balance, to use it as a healing, therapeutic tool. In this workshop you'll learn how to create harmonics and you'll experience the healing effect of it. We'll also work on being conscious of – learning to listen to – harmonics in sounds. In the same time this workshop offers the basics of sound healing.


If you like to organise this workshop (or deeper course) at your place, house or center, just contact me through this form. Also individual classes are possible.

Overtone Singing

Check the Dutch calendar for workshops in Belgium and the English one for workshops abroad

Private lessons

  • For beginner and advanced practitioners

  • Location: Meerstraat 2, 3870 Heks (Heers), Belgium

  • Price: €40 per hour

  • You can use the subscription form on the left side to make an appointment.

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