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Silence & Sound Retreat

“There is something beyond our mind which abides in silence within our mind. It is the supreme mystery beyond thought. Let one's mind and one's subtle body rest upon that.”

Maitri Upanishad




A field of silence is created for those who wish to dive deeper within themselves through the practice of sacred sound and mantra. A daily sound practice gives you the chance to really go beyond the practice, into the inner silence that lies within you. The goal of this retreat is, therefore, to offer you the opportunity to heal on a deep level, strengthen or establish your sound practice and discover who you are beyond the many layers of inner-vibration.


What does it offer?


The main focus of this retreat is the connection with sound, practice, healing and self observation, offering just a little theory as a support for the inner experience. In the field of silence there is plenty of time and space to relax and turn the attention inwards. The food and diverse herbal drinks and aromas acompanning the practice will be consciously chosen from an ayurvedic perspective to provide harmonization and serenity for body and mind, therefore enhancing our sound and healing practice. The venue, surrounded by fields and forest, is a peaceful abode from which silent nature walks will be made. Having over 10 years of experience in the field of healing sounds, Victor G. Cruz and Surya are sharing a daily lived practice.



  • Mantra

  • Natural voice work

  • Intuitive singing

  • Shamanic sound healing

  • Meditation

  • The unfoldment of the witness-consciousness through deep listening

  • Maunamudra, the attitude of silence

  • Ceremony

  • Dream work

  • Dance

  • Yoga nidra

  • Nature walks

  • Bon fire


What about the silence?


The silence in this retreat is moving like a wave, having its peak in the middle of the retreat.

Day 1: Arriving and introduction (evening only)

Day 2:“Blabla” (words as a means to integrating the group and entering the practice)

Day 3: Silence – apart from necessary speech during the practice

Day 4: Silence – Mauna (complete silence, absence of speech)

Day 5: Silence – apart from necessary speech during the practice

Day 6: “Blabla” (words as a means to assimilate the practice and incorporate it in the transition back to daily life)

Day 7: Departure (morning)




Akasha Retreat Center is a peaceful abode that was once a small monastery. Being built over a 100 years ago, this little paradise speaks to the imagination of the visitor. Located in the middle of Limburgs Haspengouw, the venue is surrounded by large fields, forest and charming old castles. The songs of the birds and sounds of the trees are inviting us to listen.


For who?


It's suitable both for complete beginners in this field, as well as advanced soundhealing and/or mantra yoga practitioners. No experience is required, although for advanced practitioners it can bring a lot of depth into the practice. In short: this retreat is for anyone who wants to reach peace and silence through the practice of sound.


Language: English

Teachers: Sakshin (Spain) & Surya

Out of the ocean of silence, infinite waves of sound are being born. Constantly moving they are longing for the goal, with the one and only purpose, which is to merge again into the Soul.” (Surya)

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