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Sound Healing Introduction Workshop

During the first part of this workshop you'll use your own voice to purify and recharge your energy system. The voice has the ability to vibrate parts of ourselves where no other instrument can enter.

Everything in the universe vibrates and thus is made out of sound. We ourselves are made out of vibration, although we can't always hear this with our physical ears. Also our subtle energy body we can experience as sound. We can connect with our chakras and sing a resonant sound in order to activate and purify our energy.

In the second part of the workshop you can lay down and enjoy a deep soundjourney. On the sounds of singing bowls, flutes, shaman drum, overtone singing and spirit songs you'll be able to dive into your subconsciousness and surrender to the healing power of your own inner nature.

Who ever feels like deepening the sound healing work, can take a look at the page about the sound healing training.

Practical info

  • Date: Sunday 16th of February 2020

  • Time: 14h to 16h30

  • Location: Akasha Retreat Center - Meerstraat 2 in Heks (Heers)

  • Water en tea is available

  • Price: €30 - Free for those who participate in SOUND HEALING TRAINING MODULE 1

  • Taal: ENGLISH

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