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Sound Healing Concert

A sound healing concert is a 'medicine' for body, emotions, mind and soul. The sounds vibrate through every aspect of our being and bring purification and harmony. The powers of spirit songs, overtone singing, flute, shaman drum, mouth harp, singing bowls and gong bring new inspiration and healing.


Most of the used instruments have their roots in ancient cultures, where it was - and still is - used as a sacred tool to connect with the Divine. The songs of a sound healing concert are deep devotional and create an inner space to reconnect with the Source.


If you like to organise a sound healing concert at your place, house or center, just contact me through this form.

Upcomming Concerts

  • Date: Saturday 14th of March 2020

  • Time: 16h30 to 18h30

  • Location : Akasha Retreat Center - Meerstraat 2, 3870 Heks

  • Tea, water, mats and cushions are available

  • There is the possibility to join dinner afterwards for €5

  • Price: €20

  • Please subscribe through the form on the left

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