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Healing Voice Circle





Our voice has the powerful potential to heal ourselves and others! In these sessions we're going through an individual as well as a group process. With our voice we're discovering different ways of healing our wounds and reconnecting with our essence, the doorway to Source. It is an organic process, open for the needs of the group, different in any moment. There can be tears or celebration. All is welcome.


This circle offers you the space to express the deepest parts of your soul through sound and singing. It's a ritual where we allow our voices to melt together with the focus of a common intention, that is different in every circle.


We start with some warming-up exercises to arrive in our voice, our body and the group. Afterwards we're doing a sound meditation to connect our physical and energectic body to sound. Then we focus on the intention of the circle and let the sounds flow through intuitively.


No previous experience is necessary!


If you like to organise a healling voice circle at your place, house or center, just contact me through this form.

Upcomming Healing Voice Circles

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